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Shimizu Company’s radical plans for the future

The Shimizu Corporation is a Japanese design and construction firm, and they have some pretty amazing plans–that are only plans, for obvious reasons.  Maybe the new grapheme discovery will propel these ideas forward, but the gargantuan cost of each one would seem to doom them all to failure before they even start.  But hey, I’m a pessimist.  Especially before my coffee.  Via Pink Tentacle.

Solar array on the moon. On the freakin' MOON. Energy to be transmitted back by laser and microwave. Mind=blown.


Animals dying off all over the globe. Is Gaia giving us a message?

This article is a bit long winded but worth it.  The beginning of 2011 has seen massive amounts of dead animals–as in flocks of birds, herds of cattle, fish, probably others as well.

Ricky Gervais treats the Golden Globes like a roast; Hollywood actors get a case of the vapors and swoon

Ricky Gervais, the outspoken British comic returned to hosting the Golden Globes for the second year last night.  I didn’t see the Golden Globes last year because I’ve never seen the Golden Globes, but it would appear that his bits then were not as caustic as they were this year.  Gervais gleefully insulted everyone from Robert Downey, Jr to Angelina Jolie to Tim Allen.  And what a buuuurn on Tim Allen.  Which is ok with me because I detest Tim Allen.